Charlottta Janssen
   Charlottta Janssen    Oil, Acrylic, Collage and Iron Oxide on Canvas       48" x 48"   
Nina Boesch   Sweeping Man
   Nina Boesch Sweeping Man    Recycled Metro-Cards       20" x 29"    2012
Frank Morrison  Drifting on a Melody
   Frank Morrison Drifting on a Melody    Oil, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas       40 x 40    2015
Marcus Jansen  Dissected Phones
   Marcus Jansen Dissected Phones    Oil Enamel on Canvas       48 x 72   
Jas Knight   Inbox 1
   Jas Knight Inbox 1    Oil on Panel       10 x 13 in    2014
      Oil, Acrylic, Collage and Iron Oxide on Canvas       48" x 48"   
Jamel Shabazz  Preppin
   Jamel Shabazz Preppin    C-Print    9    16 x 20 in    1980's

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